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Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync 2013 is a unified communications platform for organisations. Lync connects hundreds of millions of people thus ameliorating their daily productivity.

Video HD in multi-party conferences and content sharing:

Thanks to Video HD, interactive and rich meetings can be organized to achieve an optimized collaboration.

Galerie View :

The video gallery allows to show simultaneously videos of up to five conference participants and a photo HD for all other participants, identifying all of them by their name.

Support H.264 SVC :

Lync supports the standard-based H.264 SVC codec for video conferencing. It allows multi-party conference and supports a wide range of resolutions and devices.

Organize professional meetings :

This option is conceived to select the type of meeting, the number of participants, the content and/or the video sources visible to participants.

A modern communication experience accessible from almost any device.

With Lync users can work together effectively, wherever they be or whatever device they use. Lync brings a playing and engaging communication experience across a great variety of devices and platforms.

For Windows 8 :

Re-imagine for Windows 8, the new Lync allows a quick, natural and practical managing experience of your communications for all Windows 8 devices.

Lync Web App :

Both PC and Mac users can now join a Lync online meeting and enjoy a riche experience including multi-party HD video, voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging et content sharing(desktop, application and PowerPoint presentation).

Lync Mobile :

Lync Mobile allows you to communicate with anyone anywhere you be. Send un IM, make a Lync call, or join an online meeting with just a touch - from a Windows, Android or an iOS phone. Keep being productive even when travelling by using the voice and video over IP, the PowerPoint presentation sharing and other features of collaboration.

Integration through Office applications

Everyday Lync connects hundreds of millions of people through the applications they use, helping them work together more fluidly and be more productive.

Communicate directly from Office Applications :

Lync is integrated into Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote and other Microsoft Office applications allowing users to continue working in the application they work while contacting other people.

A unique identity:

With Active Directory, Lync brings forward the use of a unique professional identity rather than just a phone number. Users have access to a contact card containing all the information needed to be reached.

OneNote Sharing:

Help meeting organizers save time. Lync captures automatically the list of participants via OneNote. Participants can share and modify their notes taken during the meetings directly from Lync without having to open other applications.

Federation with Skype :

Communicate with all your contacts on Skype to experience rich communications worldwide and stablish new business scenarios.

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